Friday, April 25, 2008


The fading neon light is amazing. It's a perfect condition for your mind to mess up with you, especially with sleep deprivation!

Did I fall asleep?!

Going through the names and phone numbers, I hardly remember any of them. They are all somehow familiar but you cannot recall when or where you met those people or why was it so important to take their phone numbers!
It's a process…
Going through the names and deleting the ones that you do not know…

That's what I call them!

The reflection of light sources on the glass of my desk..
Seems like a...
These voices...
The number of reflections exceeds the source!
Is it possible to pass through the..?!

All of your thoughts cannot be revealed.
The unspoken precious cancer spots that eat away your sanity!
Trying to unload them,…
Then you feel cold and empty, missing the warmth of the burden you were keeping inside.
And you cannot tolerate the fresh air that finally finds a way to your chest and deprive you from the sweet chocking feeling!!

I did not fall asleep..
Why is it dark outside?
I guess I arrived 8 o'clock in the morning..!

It's scary how your reflection watches you from the other side, especially when it walks away towards these excess reflections of light spots!

Ok, I know you quite well, and I know you are not suicidal, but these images are extremely unhealthy I can assure you…
The speeding bullet tearing you brain cells and violating their privacy as it passes to the other side of your skull, splashing the contents all around…!

Oh, that dream?!
Yeah, we all have it from time to time.
It's a long long journey, though it takes a few seconds to embrace the ground.
But you never know how it's going to feel?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And the Oscar goes to... !

So I never though about acting or participating in a play!
I was content with watching the characters and events taking place, fascinated, shocked or even feeling down with all what happens.
And I used to believe it all!!
I did not intend to have a role. It was just more than enough for me to just watch till I found that things do not make sense.
Like this fellow "K" who seemed to be nice and cool, but somehow all that results form his actions is just evil and mean. I didn't pay much attention in the first place but in the back of my mind things were analyzed and put together till everything was eventually clear!

When things start making no sense to you, the conspiracy theory is a perfect candidate to figure everything out. Yes, all the inputs and clues perfectly tie together.
This is when I decided to get involved!

It's disgusting..
Yes, "That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain" (Hamlet) …. "TRUE"
Now, I'm in a fucking ridiculous play. We are all friends, that's what the audience see. But the vicious and cruel stabbing is taking place behind.

Damn it!
I just can't stab someone in the back, though I'm a good student and I'm learning. But I hope that my final stab will be in the face, straight to the chest, not out of nobility (I'm too confused to know) but to watch the eyes dying and fading away!

Ok, just keep buying it. You may have already known that I found out about your real disgusting character, but you'll never get a clear declaration from me. I'll keep that provoking smile on my face and that meaningless look. I'll keep you wondering about my next step.
And be sure that I respect a dirty bitch more than you!!

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