Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Driving through the empty streets,
Listening to the radio,
Clarinet smoothly plays..
Sending tingling sensation through your nerves.
A state of hypnosis when you are helpless against your subconscious,
Where everything turns amazingly..

Now, the violin takes over.
Feeling like a sharp blade cutting deep inside.
So smooth that I cannot feel the pain,
So sharp that I can feel the warmth of blood seeping on my freezing skin!

Everything is grey and pale..
I love how leaves shake and tremble in the wind,
Trying hardly to stick together as if they are the only living creatures on the planet.
Do they feel us..?!

Percussions comes in...
The cat crawling towards the bird,
The Indian by the fire,
The symphony speeding rhythm.

His image on the rocking chair synch to the whole scene..
Memories are hanging in the air, circling around in harmony.
I know what that is..
Pre-coma feeling, if something like that ever exist.
Suffocation has never been so sweet.

The cat is attempting the final attack,
The bird squeaking with pain.
The Indian dancing madly.
The street lamp is flickering,
Sparks cutting through air,
My breath is speeding..!

Same meaningless smile on my face,
Watching rain drops on the windshield of my car.
My vision is blurred...!

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