Sunday, October 14, 2007

And You're Lost!

There are things better be buried and forgotten forever, though you’ll never be able to leave them way behind without finding yourself one day unconsciously digging deep and exhuming your atrocious fears and memories!

It’s a state of restlessness, knowing that there’s something wicked back there inside your head howling underneath, disfiguring you from the inside and leaving you in a state between nightmares and desolate reality and a yearning for inner peace which leads to self-hatred and unjustified rage.

So you become nothing but a savage beast,…living on the edge,…hardly caring about anything,…and your mind, which is totally obscured by dark thoughts, only feels secure when it’s in the wild and not behind some fragile smooth fancy curtains of serenity and content!

Finally,…you pay the price, fall down, fatigued from overloading your nervous system, and in need for peace and emotional satisfaction which you devour with a sense of disgust for being such a pathetic creature; That’s when the beast inside begin to roar again trying to eliminate the bitter taste of human weakness and you find yourself lost on the way to redemption!

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