Sunday, June 19, 2011

There's something about...!

There's something about raw objects that attracts me!
Same for the damaged.
Maybe the imperfection..!

Love at first sight.
As soon as I lay my eyes on something raw or deformed, I get that creepy feeling that sneaks under my skin...
This thing has to be mine.
I completely have no clue whatsoever how I'm going to use it.
I just want it raw, deformed,.. and ugly!
Did I say ugly?!!
No, no it's not.
It's just the word that pops up in my mind, but I don't mean it.
I mean raw, deformed,..... and...!

It's not prejudice against shiny stuff,.. that..
That in a way, may reflect deception in humanbeings...!
They were the same as the raw stuff that once were found alienated, undiscovered,..
They should have left them alone, wild, exotic,...
....and beautiful!!

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