Sunday, September 16, 2007

A poem for Kids 2

For the Kids who missed the first poem:

A Poem for Kids 1

Freaky freaks are on the peak.
Lunacy is what you seek.
Just punch your eyes
And let them leak.

Flicks and tricks,
Sticks and bricks,
Shots and stabs
Are just for kicks.

Cut the crap,
Just take a nap.
I'll leave you alone,
Can't you see the trap?

A growing bud,
Drops of blood,
Stains on sleeves,
All buried in mud.

Late at night
Stars are bright.
I'm next to a corpse
Paralyzed with fright.

Tears and sighs
Sometimes are lies.
But deep inside
You'll hear the cries.

Through your mind
You'll dig to find
Truth and deceit
And fear that's blind.

Reread the lines,
They're not just rhymes.
You're hypnotized
By shining signs!


Monday, September 03, 2007



For the first time in my life, I began to doubt my judgments, and worse...

I began doubting my way of thinking (that seemed logical to me), but somehow the results didn't fit with the surroundings.

Something is wrong in the loop. Did I miss some givens, or did I neglect an important condition to apply the equation.


What equation?!!

Who taught me this way of thinking,… I mean the since-therefore method?!


Now it feels sick to hear me talk and think that way. We are human beings, not machines and processors. I know some logic is important in one's life, but when logic takes over, it gradually sets aside feelings. So did I do that?!

Ok, I think a lot, maybe more than normal, but confusion, especially concerning my ethical and logical system was never a possibility!

But when you strike the closed window (previously and wrongly proven to be open), then you have to stop and revise your calculations or the equation you used, and start searching for the bug!!

No brain storming yet, but going through the lines made me consider omitting or neglecting some possibilities that could have ruined the program.

Arrogance, Selfishness, and maybe a deformed logic (wrongly stated correct by default) were the candidates in my preliminary analysis, and these results were really SHOCKING!


A Corrective Action has to be done immediately, then re-run the program.



Again you are a human being, not a processor, changes can't be undone. They have already existed, maybe you can fix them or set them aside and start over and get new results!

But what if I wasn't wrong?

What if I can't replace or fix my deformed logic?

What if wasn't an updated version?

What if I used a healthy logic in an infected (contaminated) operating system (environment)?

What if I was really arrogant, selfish and…. (scared of thinking of the rest)?

To be continued,...or not!

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