Sunday, July 30, 2006


We grow old,
become more wise,
lose our purity,
and our childhood becomes a fantasy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just wanted you to know !

Just wanted you to know..

I'm all ears when you want to speak,
I'll listen to your heart,
And search for the dreams you seek.

Just wanted you to know..

I'll be a shoulder when you want to cry,
I'll soothe away all the pain,
I'll take away all your fears,
And wipe your tears dry.

Just wanted you to know..

I'll face the whole world to stand by you,
I'll ease your troubles,
And together..
We'll make it through.

Just wanted you to know..

I'll be your shelter..
From wind and rain,
I'll be the warmth,
When you are shaking from cold.

Just wanted you to know..

My heart sailed long ago,
Searching for love,
Looking for the shore.

Just wanted you to know..

You're the air I breathe,
The sky I see,
The only one for me.

Just wanted you to know..
That I love you.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Why is everyone pushing me to the edge?
I don't want to go there..!!
But maybe they do !

Thursday, July 13, 2006


A loud new cry,
Announced his birth..
A new Race..
A young creature..
With a baby face.

Oh life;
So sweet in his closed eyes,
Still fake to him,
He's still pure,
Still no wise.

Now he sees new faces,
Old races..
Mother and father,
Protecting son,
Sacrificing saviors.

Days, years..
So much tears..
Through the battle of Life..
The young man is forged by fears.

Now the young man knows,
People all have claws;
to be or not to be,
Is the only choice to me.

A good man, he is no more,
The beast inside began to roar,
From this moment..
It's nothing but war.

Live and let die,
No more he'll ever cry,
Mercy is an ancient history.
Pleasure for me,
And for all, is misery.

Days, years..
No more tears;
Through the battle of life ,
The man spreaded fears.

Time you'll never defeat;
Forever standing on your feet..
Is a dream you'll never meet.

He's now a harmless old beast,
A victim of wolves.
Revenge now rules,
Vengeance will be so cruel..
The end of his life..
The judgement day.

Regreting what he did,
Remembering the childhood bed,
The man sees his coffin..
The last station for the train of life.

Days, years..
Much more Tears,
The end of his life ,
The man is full of fears.

The Abyss

After all this time you've been searching,
Crossing oceans of memories and thoughts,
Passing dead and forgotten fears,
Struggling with falls of sadness,
You've finally arrived.
You've finally reached your aim.
The target you've never wanted to find.
The gloomy abyss you've always feared to see in your worst nightmares.

You are just one step closer.
One step closer to the door of your own Pandora's box,
And there's no choice.
You can't leave.
You can't go back.
You can't sleep in peace anymore.

Just one step closer...
To your most dreadful nightmare,
To your haunted dark cave,
The one you always knew it was there..
Inside you,
But you've never dared to come closer.

Now, you have to decide...
A useless decision.
Step inside and face your dreadful end,
Embrace horror,
Breathe your frightful memories,
Or just stay outside.

Stay there...
One step closer..
And keep waiting for the unknown,
For the evil monsters of your mind,
For the hungry ,
With Scars on their face,
The scars you did by your own bare hands.

Wait outside...
For the pure evil to evolve,
Creeping on the walls of the abyss,
Climbing slowly..

Wait outside...
And hear its claws scratching the walls of the ditch,
Hungry for your filthy flesh,
Thirsty for your rotten blood,
Seeking for your evil soul..
To take it there..
Deep inside.

Wait outside...
Torn within.
Just one step closer,
To your end,
To the beginning of torture,
To nowhere,
To everywhere,
One step closer my friend..
To the scum of your mind.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


How I long for peace of mind,...
A dream so precious that I can't think of anything else.

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