Sunday, November 19, 2006

That Feeling !

It's that feeling
That kept haunting me for years.
It's that feeling
That I've been evading for so long.
It's that feeling
That takes me there with a one way ticket.
It's that feeling
That tears me apart and leaves me helpless and devastated.
It's that feeling
That I hate and love how it feels under my skin.
It's that feeling
That taints my devotion and soaks it in betrayal.
It's that feeling
That overwhelms my senses and perception.
It's that feeling
That defies logic and shatters my every bit of sanity.
It's that feeling
That I thought it'll never come back again.
It's that feeling
That I can't bear anymore.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Poem For Kids 1

Simple plain somber truth.
Through the whole age of youth.
I've always loved my marionette.

Sweet as corpse,
Calm as death,
She suits me,
And never uttered a single breath.

Oh I love my marionette.

Watching her eyes wide open..
Same expression on her face..
See her walking with the jumping steps..
Merely happily on floor.

Oh I love my marionette.

And when I strangle my marionette..
See her hanging by the wall.
The marionette never speaks.
The marionette never smiles.

Oh I love my marionette.

The scent of kerosine..
The fumes from her dress..
The fire burning her head..
The jumping little steps.
The marionette never crys.
The marionette never feels.

Oh I love my marionette.

The ropes are burnt.
The steps are bumpy.
The limbs are gone..
Slowly decaying..
Moving down to the ground.

The marionette never sees.
The marionette never hears.
The marionette never moves.
I've never loved my marionette.
I've always wanted her dead.

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