Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Celebration!

A moving corpse with rotten remains of simple dreams.
That's what I thought.
Mirrors can mess up your mind if you gave them the chance!

I didn't utter a single word for three hours…
Just a meaningless empty look on my face,
Starring back baldly cursing the disgusting inquiring eyes.

Still stained!
Things might seem blossoming,
But in the end,… the truth is revealed.
It's just a painting in the back of your head!

The music was so loud and the figures were dancing dementedly.
The rhythm exhumed the filth underneath my skin.

Rapidly decaying inside…
Burying the cells eaten by the vicious thoughts.
The smell stinks,
And I'm waiting for my time!

I repeatedly shot myself…
Blowing my head off.
The image flashed a million times inside my head.
The surroundings turning into mere havoc.

You were just a quality,
Something to look up to.
A habit that turned into a nightmare…
A demon feeding on my mind!

Suffocating in the rotten vacant volume...
Not enough bullets in my pistol…
I made up my mind!

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